OYADO HAKUSAN’s annex is a secluded, at-home inn with a total of only six guest rooms?five with Shigaraki ceramic open-air baths
and one with a Japanese umbrella pine bath. A nostalgic atmosphere of a traditional Japanese-style home and harmonizing meticulously
maintained garden, as well as carefully-selected delicious seasonal delicacies…the reasonable room prices that enable guests to reserve
the “private open-air bath” they have dreamed of without the extravagant cost make this somewhat unique in Kinosaki Onsen,
which is crowded with inns. We promise you an exceptional time spent with your special someone.
Guests may also use the YOTEI SANAEDA in the lobby of the inn’s new building.

SATOYAMANOSHIKI is a dream guest room where anyone would want to stay at least once.
Equipped with Shigaraki ceramic open-air baths and Japanese umbrella pine baths, the building’s traditional home-like Japanese-style appearance and views overlooking the garden are soothing to the heart.

The baths are open-air, neither too large nor too small, enabling guests to comfortably enjoy the intimate atmosphere.
These baths are especially popular with couples.
Enjoy elegant hot baths whenever you want, for how long you want, with no need to be concerned about others.

【Spring quality】

Neutral hypotonic sodium-calcium-chloride springs

【Efficacy】 Nerve pain, Muscle pain, Joint pain, Shoulder stiffness,
Motor paralysis, Stiff joints, Bruises, Sprains,
Chronic diseases of digestive organs, Hemorrhoids,
Sensitivity to cold, Convalescence following illness,
Recovery from exhaustion, Health improvement, Cuts/scratches,
Burns, Chronic dermatitis, Weak constitution (sickly children),
Chronic female disorders


Guests staying in the inn’s main building, HAKUSAN, can reserve any of
the following five baths free-of-charge for their private bathing pleasure.

   ■Main building male bath/CHIKUSEN-NO-YU        ■Main building female bath/NAGOMI-NO-YU

     In the mornings, TAKEIZUMI-NO-YU is for male bathing, while NAGOMI-NO-YU is for female bathing.

    ■Main building/MADOKA-NO-YU



Filled with the nostalgic atmosphere of the traditional Japanese homes of the Tajima area, these soothing guest rooms exude an aesthetic sense emphasizing simplicity and subdued refinement.
The exposed rafters of the high ceiling also provide a sense of openness.
Within this refined interior time flows gently, enveloped in the Japanese spirit of harmony.

Meticulously selected sessional food providing a taste of luxury.
A highlight of guests’ stays is the extravagant cuisine, in which any of the many dishes served could be the main dish.
A true carnival of a feast!
These wonderful meals will make you feel you’ve won a special bonus.
Breakfast and dinner are served in guest’s rooms.

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